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Pan Lancashire and Cumbria Safeguarding Adults Boards Procedures Manual: Contents

December 2016

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This contents list is sub divided into the following sections, each Section contains relevant Chapters/Procedures: (Click on the title to jump to the Section you require):

  1. Policy Framework (including recognition of types of abuse)
  2. Procedures (including how to make an alert)
  3. Safeguarding Adult Reviews
  4. Ensuring Quality in Provider Services
  5. Safer Workforce
  6. Complaints
  7. Library
  8. Appendices

1. Policy Framework (including recognition of types of abuse)

  Safeguarding Adults across Lancashire and Cumbria  

1.1 Safeguarding Principles and Values  
1.2 Mental Capacity and Principles  
1.3 Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS)  
1.4 Adult(s) at Risk  
1.5 Adult Abuse  
1.6 Considerations for Referral into Safeguarding Adults Process  
1.7 Adults who may be Vulnerable to Terrorism or Extremism  
1.8 Support for those Involved in the Safeguarding Adult Process  
1.9 Arrangements for Managing Safeguarding Adults  
1.10 Effective Outcomes: Making Safeguarding Personal  
1.11 Partnership Working  

2. Procedures (including how to make an alert)

2.1 Introduction  
2.2 Summary of Stages and Timescales of the Safeguarding Process Table  
2.3 Risk Assessment and Management  
2.4 Stage One: Raising an Alert/Duty to Enquire  
2.5 Stage Two: Making a Referral  
2.6 Stage Three: Assessment/Applying Thresholds  
2.7 Stage Four: Strategy Discussion or Meeting  
2.8 Stage Five: Investigation  
2.9 Blackburn with Darwen Adult Protection Case Conference (for Blackburn with Darwen practitioner only)  
2.10 Stage Six: Case Conference and Safeguarding  
2.11 Stage Seven: Review  
2.12 Record Keeping – Recording Guidance  

3. Safeguarding Adult Reviews

3.1 Safeguarding Adult Reviews  

4. Ensuring Quality in Provider Services

4.1 Dealing with Large Scale Investigations and Service - Level Concerns  

5. Safer Workforce

5.1 Recruitment  
5.2 Workforce Development  
5.3 Supervision  
5.4 Professional Abuse: Allegations Against Persons Working with Adults at Risk  
5.5 Whistleblowing  

6. Complaints

6.1 Complaints about the Safeguarding Decision  
6.2 Resolving Professional Disagreements  

7. Library



7.1.1 Care Act 2014  
7.1.2 Care Act Statutory Guidance  
7.1.3 Data Protection Act 1998  
7.1.4 Human Rights Act 1998  
7.1.5 Freedom of Information Act 2000  
7.1.6 Disability Discrimination Act 2005  
7.1.7 Mental Capacity Act 2005  
7.1.8 Mental Capacity Act 2005 - Code of Practice  
7.1.9 Mental Capacity Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards - Supplementary Code of Practice IMCA  



National Guidance

7.2.1 ADASS - Safeguarding Adults: A National Framework of Standards for Good Practice and Outcomes in Adult Protection Work, 2005  
7.2.2 New Horizons – A Shared Vision for Mental Health 2009  
7.2.3 Think Local, Act Personal - Vision for Adult Social Care, 2010  
7.2.4 Prioritising Need in the Context of Putting People First 2010  
7.2.5 Living Well with Dementia: A National Dementia Strategy 2011  



Good Practice Guidance

7.3.1 ADASS - Standards for Adult Safeguarding  
7.3.2 ADSS Protocol for Inter Authority Investigation of Vulnerable Adult Abuse 2004  
7.3.3 Dignity in Care, SCIE, 2010  
7.3.4 Protecting Adults at Risk: Good Practice Resource, SCIE, 2012  
7.3.5 Adult Safeguarding and Domestic Abuse: A Guide to Support Practitioners and Managers (LGA and ADASS)  
  See also:  
  SCIE website  
  Age UK website  



Local Guidance

7.4.1 Safeguarding Adults: Tissue Damage and Pressure Ulcers - under review  

8. Appendices

8.1 Local Contacts  
8.2 Body Maps  
8.3 Amendments