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Dealing with Large Scale Investigations and Service - Level Concerns

Large-scale investigations and service-level concerns will involve a wide range of organisations and a number of Safeguarding Adults processes and investigations. There will be an overarching Strategy Discussion/Meeting (see Stage Four: Strategy Discussion or Meeting Procedure). However, each individual case will require a Safeguarding Plan (see Stage Six: Case Conference and Safeguarding Procedure).

Where a service is implicated in Abuse/Neglect, a Strategy Discussion will be held with the Regulatory Body and service commissioners; and a decision made as to whether a representative of the service can appropriately be involved in all or part of the strategy process. This includes a judgment as to whether they are likely to be implicated as party to the alleged Abuse/Neglect. Where police are the lead agency in a suspected criminal investigation, the implicated service shall be excluded from all Strategy Discussions/Meetings.

It is important that all aspects of the investigation are planned and the organisations and individual professionals are clear about their respective roles and responsibilities.

In receiving information about individual cases of suspected or actual Abuse or Neglect, it is important to consider possibilities that other adults may also be at risk, including whether past service users could have been abused. Data checks should be made and consultation held with other organisations who have a responsibility for a person receiving a service.

Where the need for a large-scale investigation becomes apparent, a senior manager in the local authority should be identified to take responsibility for coordinating the overall investigation with all other relevant organisations. If a crime is thought to have been committed, the usual principles and responsibilities for reporting to police apply.

If the concern is with a health setting, the concerned party will contact the executive lead for Safeguarding Adults in that organisation, who will alert the Care Quality Commission and NHS. Together they will determine the next steps. The Safeguarding Adults Manager/Lead of the local authority should also be informed.


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