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Stage Seven: Review

Purpose of the Review

The purpose of the Review is to check if the agreed actions in the Safeguarding Plan have taken place and whether any further action is needed.

At the conclusion of an investigation, or at a Case Conference, a decision should be made of whether the Safeguarding plan should be reviewed within the Safeguarding Process. This should be the case whenever there is on-going risk of harm from Abuse.

The frequency of the review should be decided based on the situation and level of risk.

A review can be convened earlier than planned if there are unanticipated events which increase the risk or indicate a need to change the protection plan. If there is a new allegation of Abuse, this should be followed up according to the procedures.

The person, their family or Independent Advocate/Appropriate Person or Independent Mental Capacity Advocate (IMCA) should be involved as well as representatives of any agency involved in the original investigation, and any agency involved in the person’s care or treatment.

Following the review, the Safeguarding plan should be amended as necessary making clear responsibilities of all parties as well as timescales for actions.

The review process will usually continue until all actions have been completed or the risk has been removed or substantially reduced.

If there are no further plans for reviews, arrangements should be made for the person’s Safeguarding plan to form part of their support plan or care plan, and be held by any who will continue to be involved in the person’s care and treatment.

The measures that are in place to protect the person should then be reviewed as part other processes such as annual care reviews.